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The Sims 3 Ultimate Collection

The Sims 3 Ultimate Collection

The Sims 3 Ultimate Collection PC Cover

The Sims 3 is built upon the same concept as its predecessors. Players control their own Sims’ activities and relationships in a manner similar to real life. The gameplay is open-ended and does not have a defined goal. Challenges occur randomly based on aspects of each Sim’s lifestyle, such as relationships, skills and job. Career opportunities such as working overtime or completing special tasks can yield a pay raise, cash bonus, or relationship boost. Skill opportunities are requests by neighbors or community members for Sims to solve problems using their acquired skills for cash or relationship rewards. If the opportunity is connected to a Sim’s school, the reward may be increased school performance.

The all new reward system Wishes replaces the Wants And Fears system in its predecessor The Sims 2. Fulfilling a Sim’s wish contributes to the Sim’s Lifetime Happiness score, allowing players to purchase lifetime rewards for the cost of those Lifetime Happiness points. Moodlets can be inspired by physical events, such as having a good meal or comfort from sitting in a good chair, as well as emotional events like a first kiss or a break-up.

The game includes an optional feature called “Story Progression” which allows all Sims in the neighborhood to autonomously continue free will as if the player were controlling them, such as get married, get jobs and promotions, have children, move into their dream house or move out of the neighbourhood while the player isn’t playing, etc. Sims live for a set duration of time that is adjustable by the player and advance through several life stages (baby, toddler, child, teen, young adult, adult, and elder). Sims can die of old age or they can die prematurely from causes such as fire, starvation, drowning, electrocution, (as of the World Adventures expansion pack) Mummy’s curse, (as of the Ambitions expansion pack) a meteor, (as of the Late Night expansion pack) by thirst (vampires only), (as of the Showtime expansion pack) by failing a trick as a magician (drowning in water/being buried), (as of the Supernatural expansion pack) by failing Haunting Curse (witches only), eating a poisoned jelly bean and transmuting into gold, (as of the Seasons expansion pack) by freezing, (as of the University Life expansion pack) by being crushed by murphy bed/vending machines, (as of the Island Paradise expansion pack) by shark, drowning while scuba diving and dehydratation (mermaids only) and (as of the Into the Future expansion pack) by falling from the sky with jetpack and by time paradox.


    There are tons of ways to play the Sims 3, given the amount of gameplay features the game offers. You can choose to pursue their lifetime wish, and do what you think would be appropriate to help them get to that goal. You could also take on a player-made challenge to give your game a bit more direction. I see the open-ended gameplay of the Sims 3 as a feature, more than an annoyance. There’s so much to do, and watching the Sims grow up through aging and as more skilled people is a satisfying experience.

The Sims 3 Ultimate Collection GamePlay

Release Name: The Sims 3 Ultimate Collection
Genre: Simulation
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Developer: The Sims Studio
Release Date: Jun 02 2009
Size: 26.36 GB

Release Info:
ElAmigos release, game is already cracked after installation (crack made with generic patcher by Tapek). Updated to version 1.67.2 (25.01.2014). Sims 3 Store DLC updated till 17.12.2013 (update 55; package v1.4).

Instructions: install, play (additional installation of Store DLC: s14.directupload.net/images/user/140617/3xg5wp88.png). Store DLC requires 8GB of free space in \My Documents\, can be completely disabled during setup.

Included content: The Sims 3, Into the Future, Movie Stuff, Island Paradise, University Life, 70s, 80s, & 90s Stuff, Seasons, Supernatural, Diesel Stuff, Katy Perry’s Sweet Treats, Showtime, Master Suite Stuff, Pets, Town Life Stuff, Generations, Outdoor Living Stuff, Late Night, Fast Lane Stuff, Ambitions, High-End Loft Stuff, World Adventures.

Most important Store DLC: Roaring Heights, Midnight Hollow, Dragon Valley, Aurora Skies, Monte Vista, Sunlit Tides, Lucky Palms, Lunar Lakes, Hidden Springs, Barnacle Bay, Riverview, Uncensored Mod 1.67.

Install Notes:

1. Unrar the rar parts.
2. Mount the extracted ISO image
3. Run the Setup
4. Complete the Installation , that’s it!
5. Support developers by buying the software you enjoy!

Download Notes:

  • Download at maximum speed using the latest download manager here
  • Decompress the archive using the latest version of WinRAR here
  • Mount the ISO image using the latest version of PowerISO here



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The Sims 3 Ultimate Collection

The Sims 3 Ultimate Collection 1.67.2 + Store DLC (2014)




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  6. Admin, How can i run this in windows 8? it is not running after i installed it 🙁
    always saying “Sims3Launcher has stop working” Please help me admin to fix it

  7. Hi, i’d love to play this game but i cannot open it from windows 10.. any idea? thanks =)

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